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Cross Bridge/Youth/Children’s Administrative Assistant
Lexington, MA
The Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston (CBCGB) is seeking an administrative assistant.

Position Summary

The Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston -- a Bible-believing, non-denominational, evangelical church in Lexington MA -- is seeking a full-time Administrative Assistant to serve our Cross Bridge, Youth, and Children’s ministries. This position will facilitate the mission of God by providing administrative support to Pastoral staff in those ministries. This position is both a paid staff role and a ministry in its own right

Job Responsibilities

This is primarily English speaking position that serves the Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Cross Bridge (English-speaking adult ministry) at CBCGB, and if needed, assists in church-wide needs across CBCGB. Typical responsibilities include: compiling and sending email announcements, handling data entry such as for attendance, purchasing and maintaining office supplies, physically managing storage such as for youth equipment, and updating websites. Week by week needs will vary due to the fluid
nature of the ministries, so this position is expected to be able to collaborate closely with ministry leaders and adapt to changing priorities.


See Appendix I below for a full list of typical tasks.


As a member of the staff and as a ministry leader, the administrative assistant is most importantly required to be a born-again Christian, in an active relationship with Jesus Christ, and a member in good standing with CBCGB. CBCGB membership is highly desirable, but not mandatory. Here is the list of qualifications:


Detailed Qualifications:

  • US Citizen or permanent resident.

  • Born-again Christian, in an active relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Computer literacy, including in MS Office.

  • Fluency in English speaking and writing.

  • Prior experience with administrative office work is a plus.

  • Ability to drive as needed for job-related duties.

  • Ability to perform light labor such as lifting office supplies.

  • Ability to work with multiple ministry leaders and balance priorities.

  • Ability to work independently without daily supervision.


Preferred Qualifications but not mandatory:

  • Member of CBCGB.

  • Bachelor degree or Associate degree

  • Ability to understand and speak Mandarin.

  • 1+ years of experience in an administrative assistant role.


This position reports directly to Office Administration Director and Senior Pastor with a strong dotted line to Cross Bridge Pastor, Youth Pastor and Children Pastor.


This is a 40 hour / week office based position. The makeup of these hours will be determined through discussion between the admin assistant and the Cross Bridge Pastor and if needed be, with Youth Pastor or Children Pastor. Final approval will be from the Senior Pastor before starting.  Working hours will be fixed at the beginning for payroll management. If needed, some weekend hours may be required during special events. Overtime is allowed but need approved by Senior Pastor or Office Admin Director.

Application Process

Any qualified candidate interested in this position should apply by sending a cover letter and resume to

Appendix I: Detailed Examples of Duties

The following is a concrete example of breakdown of duties for a typical week, including hours. This is subject to change.


Children's Ministry Specific Duties:

  1. Friday night attendance data entry & print out updated attendance sheet for coming week – weekly

  2. Sunday morning attendance (Mustard Seed sessions 1 & 2, Children's Worship and Sunday school) data entry & print out updated attendance sheet for coming week – weekly

  3. Enter Child Information Form (required for every child one time per school year) data entry (varies week to week depending on number of visitors), spikes in numbers during (Mandarin Gospel Meetings, Mission's Conferences, Christmas & Easter, etc.). Huge spike in late August and early September requiring 2 hours a week and also special meetings – weekly 

  4. Maintaining Children's Bar Code database and producing bar code cards (varies week to week depending on number of parent’s requests) -  weekly

  5. Data entry and maintaining Children's Ministry Teacher's supporting 9 weekly ministries (Sunday school, Children's Worship, Mustard Seed, Awana, Cubbies, Nursery (Friday night & Sunday), Philly, Bible Quiz) website. Duties include updating and entering teachers/coworkers contact information, CORI status, schedules, etc. (Significant spike in time at the beginning of each school year as children's information needs to be moved up from grade to grade). Entering and updating quarterly curriculum, etc. – weekly

  6. Maintaining Children's Ministry website -  weekly

  7. Quarterly enter Mustard Seed and Sunday school curriculum into the children’s ministry Google drive database and make and distribute copies of accompanying Bible verses – weekly

  8. Maintaining children’s’ ministry budget – weekly


Youth Ministry Specific Needs:

  1. Gather and input Sunday School numbers and names – weekly

  2. Make sure Sunday School room is stocked with pencils, attendance sheets, etc. – weekly

  3. Update and combine retreat/student info onto google doc master list – twice a year

  4. Update profile pictures of students and student information – weekly

  5. Update information on website to reflect current calendar and events – weekly

  6. Sort/digitize sermon notes and ALIVE lessons

  7. Retreat registration: inputting information – twice a year

  8. Retreat preparation: printing, sorting, cutting, etc. – twice a year 

  9. Send out weekly emails – weekly

  10. Misc. sorting and printing – weekly

  11. Organize, clean, and catalogue youth storage – weekly

  12. Collect, organize, and input forms (missions, baptisms, retreats, etc.)  – weekly

  13. Reset rooms – weekly

  14. Testing wires/mics – as needed

Cross Bridge Ministry Specific Needs:

  1. Gather data to prepare Cross Bridge bulletin each week (includes gathering announcements, sermon notes, bulletin inserts, drafting, printing, collating, etc.) – weekly

  2. Compile weekly prayer list for bulletin – weekly

  3. Maintain Cross Bridge worship roster. Email out reminder of weekly duties for worship – weekly

  4. Collect new visitor cards.  Email out information to ministry leader/contact of the related demographic fellowship/small group – weekly

  5. Prepare handbooks/ other paperwork for   Cross Bridge retreats (Cross-Bridge-wide, Charis, ICF, etc.) – seasonally

  6. Update Cross-Bridge offering and attendance worksheets – weekly

  7. Collect paperwork for baptism/membership applicants. Prepare baptism/membership certificates. Coordinate candidate interviews – occasionally

  8. Clean up membership files/ learn membership database program – ongoing project

  9. Purchase/ maintain office supplies for CB/Youth/Children staff – weekly

  10. Purchase/ maintain paper ware/plastic ware supplies for Cross Bridge  lunches/fellowship snack times, etc. – occasionally

  11. Ensure rooms are properly set up and supplies stocked for Friday night fellowships – weekly

Church-wide Needs:

  1. Data entry and maintenance of Coworker CORI checks – on a needed basis


CBCGB maintains a policy of non-discrimination in providing equal employment to all qualified employees and candidates regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, color, national origin, disability, genetic information, protected veteran’s status, or other legally protected classification in which a person is employed.

Updated March 24, 2024

Appendix I
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