Welcome to Cross Bridge! We are a multicultural Christian congregation and ministry of CBCGB. We welcome and incorporate all people to worship, fellowship, and serve with us, regardless of background.


As a part of our core values, we are:

  • God-centered

  • Biblical

  • Transformational

  • Communal

  • Missional


Through our multi-cultural demographic, with many having some Chinese heritage, we provide a unique bridge for diverse groups and special opportunities to serve God, including:

  • People of all races who are interested in cross-cultural experiences or outreach opportunities

  • People with mixed-culture backgrounds

  • First-generation immigrants looking for an English-speaking, Americanized environment


We strive to integrate our values, focus, and heritage. As a part of our core values, we are missional and work to advance God's kingdom to all peoples everywhere. Through our multi-cultural heritage, we have special opportunities to serve God, including by:

  • Addressing particular needs of those who have grown up in a mixed-culture environment

  • Providing access to Chinese culture and communities within an American context for people of all backgrounds

  • Providing a spiritual home for the English-speaking children of a multi-generational church with many immigrant families

  • Outreaching to immigrants looking to assimilate into American culture

  • Sending members from our midst to serve people where opportunities are uniquely open to us


149 Spring Street

Lexington, MA 02421




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Chinese Bible Church of Greater Boston

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