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Who we are

We are a multicultural, multigenerational Christian congregation and ministry of CBCGB. We welcome and incorporate all people to worship, fellowship, and serve with us, regardless of background.

The Vision Frame

Our Vision Frame is made up of four sides - Our Mission, Our Motives, Our Marks, and Our Map.​ Each side answers a question that captures our DNA and shapes our direction.

The vision frame expresses who we are and what we do. 

What are we doing?

Our Mission

Bridging cultures to build a family in Christ

Bridging Cultures

Though we come to Jesus, we do not leave behind our cultural heritage. Because of our multicultural and multigenerational demographic, with many having some Chinese heritage, we can be a bridge to people that spans ethnic, generational, socioeconomic, and secular cultures with the gospel.

Why are we doing it?

Our Motives

Our motives, known also as our core values, are shared convictions that guide our actions and shape our ministry’s ethos.

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For God

We orient our lives and our purposes to God.

Scripture Driven

We look to Scripture to know God and to navigate the demands of everyday life.

Better Together

We collaborate together to accomplish God’s mission.


We seek to serve others like Jesus rather than to be served.

Who are we becoming? 

Our Marks

Our marks are a way for us to discern how we are together growing and maturing as followers of Jesus and members of Cross Bridge.

Missional In Life

Who am I bringing to “come and see”?

Shaped by Scripture

How am I a parable of Jesus?

Walking in Community

Who is seated at my dinner table?

Serving with Joy

Where does my duty become my delight?

Our map is a picture of how the church will accomplish its mission on the broadest level 

How are we doing it? 

Our Map 

Come for Worship

Sundays at Cross Bridge is a place for us to gather together to worship God.

Join a Group

Groups are a place for us to grow spiritually as we seek to be a bridge to others.

Form a Trio*

Trios are a place for us to go deep as we walk together living out God’s mission.


*Trios are currently being planned. Stay tuned! 

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