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Computer Screens


I don’t hear any audio from the live stream.

  • Please make sure your video player is not muted.

  • Please also make sure that your PC, tablet, or cell phone does not have multimedia audio muted.


I have other issues with the live stream.

  • Please try refreshing the page or streaming at a lower resolution (Click the gear icon and select 540p or lower). 

I am trying to use Zoom to meet with my small group, my Sunday School, or a prayer team member. How do I join the meeting?

  • If you are on a PC or MAC, just click on the meeting link in your browser or download the Zoom client for your computer.

  • If you are using a mobile device, you will need to install the Zoom app from the Google Play store or the iTunes store before clicking on the meeting link.

    • Note that a list of all fellowship video-conference links is forthcoming.

  • After clicking on the link, you may be prompted to make sure that your browser or app has access to your speakers, microphone, and camera.

  • After giving permission to your audio/visual devices, click on “Ask to join”.  Please wait until your small group leader or Sunday School teacher accepts you into the meeting.


I am a small group leader or Sunday School teacher. How do I create a Zoom meeting?

  • Please first contact to request an account with CBCGB.

  • Once you have the account:​​

    • Open up the Zoom app on your mobile device or computer.

    • Click "Sign in" and sign in with your CBCGB Zoom account.

    • Click the orange button that says "New Meeting" and then "Start a Meeting.

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