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CBCGB Mission Statement

We​ ​are​ ​a​ ​church​ ​in Greater​ ​Boston​ ​that​ ​brings​ ​people​ ​across​ ​all​ ​cultures​ ​together​ ​in​ ​Christ​ ​to​ ​inspire,​ ​disciple,​ ​and send​ ​them​ ​to​ ​be​ ​global​ ​disciple-makers.


How we carry out our worship:

  1. Bible study that is accurate and applicable

  2. Prayer that is an integral part of our corporate and private relationship with God

  3. Corporate worship that is thoughtful, expressive, and contemplative

What characterizes our worship?

God speaks to us most directly in the Bible. Therefore, we strive to interpret his Word accurately and to apply it faithfully. We respond to God with love, adoration, and obedience, expressed through prayer, worship, and boldness in living out God’s priorities.​


How we build our community:

  1. Demographic-specific groups that provide tight-knit fellowship

  2. Quality programs that help families care for their children and nurture them in faith

  3. Discipleship relationships and accountability groups that develop deep bonds of intimacy and spiritual nurture

  4. Congregation-wide and CBCGB-wide activities that build relationships, facilitate ministries, and promote unity

  5. An outward focus that sees beyond those already in our community to reach those outside

What characterizes our community?

Our community is rooted in our common identity as those touched by the love of God. As such, we endeavor to be warm and open toward one another, humble in our interactions and disagreements, and united in our common mission. It is in this warm, open, humble community that we encourage one another to persevere in faith and act together to fulfill our calling.


How we reach out:

  1. Evangelism that brings the gospel to those with whom we are in relationship, in the situations in which God has placed us

  2. Missions that brings the gospel to those with little or no access to it

  3. Social concerns ministries that serve the poor and needy, whether near or far away

What characterizes our outreach?

We engage with people both near and far, meeting both spiritual and physical needs, in following Jesus’ teachings to share the good news of the gospel and to care for the poor and needy.​

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