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Chinese Ministry Fellowship Pastor

Yuegang Zhang was born in Yunnan, China. He got his Ph. D. degree in Chemistry from SUNY Buffalo in 2001. He accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord in 2001 at Chinese Christian Mandarin Church in Chicago. Brother Yuegang moved to Boston in 2006 to work as a scientist at a pharmaceutical company. He got the calling from God in 2010. Brother Yuegang finally accepted the full time Fellowship Minister position in our Chinese congregation in September 2014 and resigned from his scientific career. He graduated from the Boston Campus of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary with M. Div. degree in 2017 and was ordained at CBCGB in 2019. Yuegang also serves as an affiliate with the Center for Spiritual Life at Brandeis University. He lives with his wife, Sister Meiqin Xie, daughter Sarah, and son Joshua. Sarah and Joshua have published with their father two volumes of English-Chinese bilingual Christian children’s books: Silly, Silly Mouse Jamie Book 1 and 2.

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