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Elder - Worship, Membership, Social Concerns

Elder Tuanfeng Zhang came to US in 2000 and attended Stanford campus fellowship from 2000-2006. Before he came to US, Tuanfeng Zhang had worked in mainland China for 12 years. After graduation in 2006 at Stanford University, Tuanfeng Zhang and his family moved from California CA to Lexington, MA, and joined Berea Fellowship in CBCGB. Tuanfeng Zhang was baptized in January, 2008 at CBCGB and became the coordinator of Berea Fellowship from 2010-2012. He was a deacon of CBCGB from 2016-2019 and served the ministry of Chinese worship. He teaches seeker’s class in the church and co-lead the bible study group for seekers in Berea Fellowship. He serves the membership committee of CBCGB and became the chair of the membership committee since 2022.

He married Qingli Wang with two daughters: Sijia Zhang and Jessica Zhang. His wife, Qingli Wang, was baptized in CA and two daughters were baptized in CBCGB

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