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Children's Pastor

Pastor Bowman was born and raised a few miles down the road from CBCGB, in Cambridge, MA. He and his family currently live in Acton, MA. God in His mercy rescued him from a life of rebellion in 1991. Almost immediately upon becoming a Christian God called him to be a blessing to His children.

Pastor Bowman began assisting in Grace Chapel’s children’s ministry in the beginning of 1992 and then teaching and then directing and he continues to serve children. In July of 1996 God brought Maria De Los Angeles Brenes Delgado into his life and they were married in “Angie’s” home country of Costa Rica in February of 1997. Angie has been a missionary here in the states as well as in Mexico and China. In 2000 they were blessed with their daughter Abigail. Pastor Bowman graduated from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in 2003 with a degree in Christian Education. The Bowman’s believe in and encourage families serving and practicing faith together in their homes, local church and overseas. By the age of 12, Abigail joined her family on her 8th short-term mission trip on 5 different continents.

The Bowmans love children and seek to partner with God in blessing children to know, love, follow and serve Jesus Christ. In June of 2014 God has called Pastor Bowman to the CBCGB family from CBCGL after 9 years of serving as Children’s Minister.

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