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Youth Deacon

Lilian Wang has been attending CBCGB since 2003 and grew up attending the AWANA children's program, Sunday School, and ALIVE youth group. It was here that she grew in her faith and developed a personal relationship with Jesus. She was baptized in 2015 and became a member. After high school, Lilian went to Brandeis University for her B.A. and M.A. in Elementary Teaching. During that time, she attended the ICF college fellowship and Cross Bridge service on Sundays. Lilian got married in August 2021 to Justin (they met at ALIVE!) and they currently live in Waltham. She is an elementary school teacher at Newton Public Schools.

In the decade she spent growing up at this church, Lilian has served in a variety of ways. Most notably, she has served with children’s ministry, VBS, Summerbridge, youth ministry, NCPI, and ANM. Currently, she is an ALIVE youth counselor and is on the Cross Bridge Leadership Core. Lilian deeply loves CBCGB and is grateful for all that our church has blessed her with, especially through the many brothers and sisters who have poured into her as she grew up. She wants to give back to the community that has given so much to her, and in particular, has a strong desire to see our church grow and change for the better. Lilian is especially passionate about serving the younger generation of children and youth, as well as finding ways to partner with the local and global Church.

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