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Senior Pastor

Pastor Juta Pan was from Taiwan. Growing up from a Free Methodist family, he converted to Christ at the age of 14. After 8-years journey of seeking God’s guidance, he confirmed God's calling and became a minister of Campus Evangelical Fellowship (CEF) in 1985. During 12 years’ service in CEF, he met his wife Chaoluan, who became a minister of CEF in 1988, and married her in 1990.

In 1997, Juta came to Boston with his family for theological study. After obtaining his MA in Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2000 and Master of Sacred Theology at School of Theology, Boston University in 2001, he went to Scotland to pursue his PhD at the School of Divinity, the University of Edinburgh. His dissertation entitled: "The Kingdom of God and the Pure Land: Towards the Dialogue of Christianity and Buddhism in the Context of Taiwan." His theological study focuses on Theology, Missiology, and Christianity and Other Faiths.

After finishing his study, Juta returned to Boston with his family and served at CBCGB in 2005. He was ordained as pastor at the same year in September, and has been the pastor of Fellowship Ministry, of Campus Ministry, of Evangelism Ministry, and of acting lead pastor of Chinese Ministry. He founded the City Outreach Ministry, a ministry focusing on Chinese overseas students, scholars, and young professionals in Boston city.

In 2019, he was assigned by the church to be the senior pastor of CBCGB. He is also an adjunct faculty in several Chinese theological seminaries in North and South America teaching Systematic Theology, Christian Ethics, and Christianity and other Faiths. Juta was also a visiting scholar of Princeton Theological Seminary during his first sabbatical leave in 2011 and second sabbatical leave in 2018. His book: The Cross and the Lotus was published in 2016. Juta’s wife, Chaoluan, is a scholar of Church History obtaining her ThD from School of Theology, Boston University. She is an adjunct professor at a seminary. They have one daughter, Lucilla.

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