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Elder - Missions, Finance

Elder Ji-Yong Wang accepted Jesus Christ as his own Savior in the beginning of 1995 and from 1994 he joined the student fellowships in both Peking and Qinghua Universities in Beijing. Ji-Yong attended the MIT Chinese Christian Fellowship and Boston Chinese Evangelical Church (BCEC) after he came to US in August, 1995. Ji-Yong, together with his wife Haiyan, were baptized in September, 1996 at BCEC.

In 2005, he and his wife became church members after they started attending worship at CBCGB in 1997. He co-founded, participated and served in the Chinese student fellowship at MIT (MITCEF) in 1995 and until today. During the years 2007-2010, he became the church deacon and was in charge of organizing the CBCGB Chinese Evangelistic Meeting and Spiritual Revival Camp. He also taught in the adult Sunday School (Zion Fellowship) and Chinese School. In 2012-2015, and 2017 of his deaconship, Ji-Yong was the treasurer of the church. In 2018, Ji-yong is the head deacon of Board of Deacon.

Ji-Yong is a R&D scientist/engineer in the field of ultrasound in GE (in 2017 the GE Oil and Gas was renamed as Baker Hughes, a GE Company – BHGE). He and his wife Haiyan have a daughter Hannah and a son Matthew.

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