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Finance Deacon

He Dong was touch by the Holy Spirit in the Gospel camp hosted by Campus Evangelists Fellowship in California in 2001 fall, and was baptized at Bay Area Reformed Evangelical Church the same year. His family moved to Greater Boston Area in 2004 for work reason and participated CBCGB’s Sunday Worship and the student fellowship at MIT since then. In 2007, he participated the serve for the Host Family ministry for students. Since 2009 when the City Outreach Ministry was started, he followed Pastor Juta Pan and moved to COM. He has been served as the Sunday Worship presider, adult Sunday School teacher, member and the coordinator of the COM’s Planning Group. From 2013, encouraged and trained by Pastor Pan, he started to learn to preach the Sermon at COM on Sunday. From 2017, he transferred to Malden student Fellowship when it was started, and served as the mentor. He also serves on the board of two Christian organizations in California Bay Area and Boston.

He Dong came to United States after he graduated from physics department, Peking University. After he got his Master degree in Electrical Engineering in 1999, he worked at a few semiconductor technology companies as a software R&D engineer. Between 2015-2022, he tried entrepreneurship in technology manufacturing business, and accumulated abundant experience of failure and life.

He and his wife, Jing Kong, have 3 daughters, Heneni, Theophilia, and Solagratia. Jing Kong is the teacher of children’s Sunday School and the mentor of Malden student Fellowship. She is also very active in the student caring ministry. Jing Kong works as the professor at MIT, EECS Department. Her research focus on the low dimensional nanomaterials.

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