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Missions Deacon

Eric Chiu has been attending CBCGB since 1996. He was born in Hong Kong and came to the US with his family as a high school junior. Eric accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior in high school and was baptized at the Amherst First Baptist Church during his sophomore year at UMass Amherst. After college he joined the Cantonese small group within the young professional fellowship at CBCGB.With the encouragement of Pastor King Fai and the gracious support of Cantonese brothers and sisters, the Fruit of the Spirit (FOS) Cantonese fellowship was formed and Eric served as the first fellowship coordinator. Eric loves music. He served the church choir for many years, and currently serves regularly with the Chinese and Crossbridge worship team.

Eric also has a heart for global missions. He is honored to serve with brothers and sisters in the Mission Committee for more than 15 years. Eric witnesses God’s love and care for our missionaries first hand through the love and generous support from our brothers and sisters. He is grateful that he can connect CBCGB with New England churches, together as the body of Christ, through prayers, partnerships, and resources sharing in mobilizing churches, to further God’s kingdom and to reach the unreached unengaged people groups. Eric and Sylvia have been married for over 20 years. They are blessed with a daughter, Christabel and a son, Aaron.

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