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Dear Brothers and  Sisters in Christ,


Many of our church members are willing to serve the community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Social Concerns Committee has done lots of research and discussions, and we are listing the following volunteer opportunities.

We encourage church members to organize by small groups or fellowships in the town they live in. The town web sites have listed volunteer opportunities. There are also lots of opportunities in web page.  We encourage our church members to actively participate, serve the community, extend the love of our Lord, train the disciples and glorify Christ.

Social Concerns Committee 

Left: A brother of our church volunteered to aseemble N95 masks in the Wayland town building.


Check out there are lots of opportunities


Serve the seniors in your town. There are Meals on Wheels driver and making phone calls to seniors opportunities through Council on Aging in your town. Please check your town web site. For example Meals on wheels drivers for South Shore.


Virtual/Volunteer from Home

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