October 25, 2020

Welcome to Cross Bridge Live Stream!  We invite you to join us in worship this morning through the following links.


@ 7:00p

Children's Hangout

To access this week's Children's Hangout Zoom link, please first

sign up for the children's weekly announcements.
Once you have signed up and been verified as a parent, you will have permission to access

this week's zoom links.


@ 9:30a

Sunday Morning Prayer 

(NEW: prayer meeting zoom, pw:cb prayer)

Contact Minister Jeff 

Zoom link

MAPs (Parents, birth-high school)

Contact Emily 

Zoom link


GPS (Parents, high school+)

Contact Alex & Lois

Zoom link


@ 10:00a

Children's Worship

To access this week's Children's Worship Zoom link, please first sign up for the children's weekly announcements.
Once you have signed up and been verified as a parent, you will have permission to access

this week's zoom links.


@ 11:15a

Live stream opens at 11 am.


We encourage you to set up your device a few minutes earlier to make sure everything is working. 


The chat is intended to help us discern the body of Christ during corporate worship. Please say a quick "Hello" or respond in ways that can encourage others in Christ!


Grab your coffee and join our virtual community!

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Order of Worship

October 25, 2020

Praise & Worship 

Desert Song

None but Jesus

Do it Again

Tithes & Offering - Online



Prayer of Thanksgiving & Confession


Missionary of the Week

Ken and Rhea Gordon serve among Cambodian immigrants at Lowell Mission Church in Lowell, MA. Praise God for the generous donation given to have a steeple for the LMC building and continuing to meet all of the financial needs of the LMC ministry. Please pray for the children of LMC to adjust to virtual learning from their homes and for families where their mother and father have separated or divorced.

Kola's Installation


Scripture Reading

Psalm 62 (ESV)


“Waiting for God in Silence, in Chaos”

Minister Kola Aina

Response & Benediction

Psalm 62


Announcements & Welcome

After Service Prayer

We invite anyone who would like to receive prayer to join our video conference rooms, where our prayer team will be standing to pray with you individually. 


Please click on one of the links below to meet with a member of our prayer team after service via Zoom. Note that if you are using a mobile device, you will need to install the Zoom app from the Google Play store or the iTunes store.


After clicking one of the links below, you will be placed in a waiting room until the prayer team member is available to pray. Please wait patiently! If it is taking awhile, it is because the prayer team member is currently praying with someone else.


We will have two separate zoom rooms available after service. 


If you are interested in asking for prayer or praying with someone, please fill out this form. This week, Matt O and Grace Zare available to pray.

If you would like to continue fellowshipping with other Cross Bridge members, breaking bread virtually or catching up, please join here (pw: cblobby)


Daylight Savings Ends - This is a reminder to change the clocks back one hour (fall back an hour) for daylight savings on November 1st.

Children’s Ministry Fall Harvest Scavenger Hunt - Children's Ministry will be hosting a Fall Harvest Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, October 31st. Invite your family and friends to participate in a scavenger hunt throughout the week and then pick up a bag of goodies which will include a gospel tract at the church on Saturday, October 31st from 2p - 5p. Please register for the event with the link here.

Youth Parent Meeting - Save the date! If you have a child in youth group or even a child in elementary school and want to see what's coming, join us on November 1 @ 3p on Zoom. We'll be talking about GenZ, youth culture, and what quarantine has revealed! The link will be in the youth mailchimp. Contact Minister Taylor (tbirkhimer@cbcgb.org) or Pastor Jen (jlin@cbcgb.org) for more info!

Missions and Social Concerns Conference - The annual Missions and Social Concerns Conference is November 13-15. This year's focus is on Social Concerns and the theme is "Reframing Justice". Since the entire conference is remote this year, the workshops will highlight recordings from all our supported non-sensitive missionaries and social concerns ministries sharing about their ministry and latest updates! There are 2 LIVE workshops. One of them is a panel discussion hosted by Go-Live-Serve which is a missions organization CBCGB partners with. The topic is on making your WORK count for God. This panel requires registration which is available using the link here. For more information about the conference, please click here.

Child Dedication - Twice a year (May and November), we have a time where parents can dedicate their children to the Lord. For an explanation of what child dedication is, please see this link. If you are interested in child dedication for your child, please fill out the application and contact Pastor Jeff Arthurs (jarthurs@gordonconwell.edu). The next child dedication will be on Sunday, November 22. More details to follow regarding how it will be done given the COVID situation.

Post-Service Prayer and Fellowship - We have created a form for people to fill out if they would like to pray with someone after service, during the week, or just to have their request prayed for by the prayer team or during Sunday prayer meeting. If you are interested in asking for prayer or praying with someone, please fill out the form here. If you are new and would like to connect with the church or if you are interested in fellowshipping more with other Cross Bridge members while breaking bread virtually,

please join here (pw: cblobby).


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