January 17, 2021

Welcome to Cross Bridge Live Stream!  We invite you to join us in worship this morning through the following links.


@ 7:00p

Children's Hangout

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sign up for the children's weekly announcements.
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@ 9:30a


@ 10:00a

Children's Worship

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@ 11:15a

Live stream opens at 11 am.


We encourage you to set up your device a few minutes earlier to make sure everything is working. 


The chat is intended to help us discern the body of Christ during corporate worship. Please say a quick "Hello" or respond in ways that can encourage others in Christ!


Grab your coffee and join our virtual community!

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Order of Worship

January 17, 2021

Praise & Worship 

You'll Come

This Kingdom


Tithes & Offering - Online


You Never Let Go

Prayer of Thanksgiving & Confession


Missionary of the Week

Eva Lee serves in Hong Kong with International Students Inc. among the international student population.  Her husband Bill serves with a ministry that cares for underprivileged children and bridges their digital divide with Youth Global Network. Praise God that Eva's parents, Bill's mother, and Eva and Bill are all in HK now, and are able to see each other on a weekly basis, they are grateful for time with family. Praise God also that student groups, family, and ministry volunteers are all well and COVID free. Please pray for Eva's father's salvation. He just celebrated his 90th birthday last week. May the Lord remove his obstacle of Buddhist belief to acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Scripture Reading

Micah 7:7-17



“Where is the Lord Your God?”

Minister Kola Aina

Response & Benediction


Announcements & Welcome

After Service Fellowship

We invite anyone who would like to receive prayer to join our video conference rooms, where our prayer team will be standing to pray with you individually. 

Please click on one of the links below to meet with a member of our prayer team after service via Zoom. Note that if you are using a mobile device, you will need to install the Zoom app from the Google Play store or the iTunes store.

After clicking one of the links below, you will be placed in a waiting room until the prayer team member is available to pray. Please wait patiently! If it is taking awhile, it is because the prayer team member is currently praying with someone else.

We will have two separate zoom rooms available after service. 

If you are interested in asking for prayer or praying with someone, please fill out this form


If you would like to continue fellowshipping with other Cross Bridge members, breaking bread virtually or catching up, please join here (pw: cblobby).


CB Family Needs Survey Reminder - CBL core is actively identifying areas and action items to support our families. Whether you're a family with kids or without kids, we invite you to help us pinpoint your needs. We hope this survey can help us identify practical and relevant areas to effectively invest our time and resources in the foreseeable future. Fill out the survey by TODAY by clicking here.

Youth Parent Meeting - Save the date! If you have a child in the ALIVE youth group, join us January 24 @ 3p on  Zoom. The link will be in the youth mailchimp. Contact Minister Taylor (tbirkhimer@cbcgb.org) or Pastor Jen (jlin@cbcgb.org) for more info!

Become a Member of CBCGB - Want to know more about what church membership is? Interested in becoming a member of CBCGB? Talk to Terry Yang (terrydyang@gmail.com) or Joe Cheung (josephpcheung@gmail.com) for more information.


Stephen Ministry - Stephen Ministry is an organization dedicated to organizing, equipping, and supervising a team of congregation members to provide high-quality, one-to-one, Christ-centered care to people in the congregation and the community experiencing life difficulties. Our Chinese Ministry (CM) has been impacting members' lives through this ministry for many years now. CB is looking for at least four members who are interested in being trained to be part of this ministry.

 For more information, please contact Minister Jeff (jhwang@cbcgb.org) or Narciso Tan (narciso.tan@gmail.com). There is also an informational meeting via zoom on

 Sunday, February, 7 from 2p - 3p.


CB Slack for Parents - Welcome Cross Bridge parents! There is a new Slack group to post thoughts, ask for/give advice, chat about random things, get rid of kid stuff you no longer need, etc. There are also two private channels: men-only and women-only. If you haven't been added to the private channel and would like to be, please ask Melissa, Minister Jeff, or Minister Kola. To join the Slack group, click here. The Slack group is in addition to the current parents google group. Both links to join are included at the bottom of the weekly announcements email.

Staying in Scripture - With each new year there are new resolutions and goals. One truly transformative goal to consider is starting the year with a plan to remain in His Word. Click here for a link to some ideas for where to start.


Bowmans’ Sabbatical - Pastor Bowman will be taking the second half of his sabbatical this coming January - March, 2021. Thank God that children's ministry coworkers have stepped up to assist children's director Tony Ng in Angie and Pastor Bowman's absence. Please keep children's ministry and the Bowmans in your prayer.

Post-Service Prayer and Fellowship - We have created a form for people to fill out if they would like to pray with someone after service, during the week, or just to have their request prayed for by the prayer team or during Sunday prayer meeting. If you are interested in asking for prayer or praying with someone, please fill out the form here. If you are new and would like to connect with the church or if you are interested in fellowshipping more with other Cross Bridge members while breaking bread virtually,

please join here (pw: cblobby).


For more information about Cross Bridge: www.crossbridge.life

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